Amit Kumar

Thermocol  has long been a pursuit of my interest. Apart from the aesthetic and design sense that contributes to these art pieces there is a long saga of experience in handling the material. Also facilitating the design directions are a Diploma in Fine Arts (Chandigarh University), a Bachelor Of Arts (Allahabad University) and a Bachelor Degree in Textile Design ( NIFT, New Delhi ). Through my work I hope to make a mark with an unprecedented art forms, crafting innovative art pieces of ornamental and conceptual value.




This is my attempt to pursue the creative impulses that result out of intelligence, knowledge and a inquisitive sense of exploration of everyday observations. Art is created herein with an innovative perspective and extended design directions. One such platform has been exploiting thermocol – essentially a packaging polymer, to carve out decorative and conceptual art pieces. Inspired by the working of the Shola – Pith workers of Bengal, we present an ingenious collection of more conceptual versions in unconventional materials.

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