Sanjhi Art

Published: February 14, 2013,on Blog

It exists in many forms under many names in countries across the globe : The Art Of Paper cutting. We begin in the homeland India.
Hailing from the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh the unique craft of paper cutting is called Sanjhi.

Traditionally it was used as a stencil to create the reputed festive floor paintings rangoli. It is also believed to have ritualistic importance in the Krishna temples of Mathura.

However the dexterity was so severe it soon emerged as a craft, with artists specializing the skill. The cutting process requires enormous skill, concentration and patience. 

The fine detail is achieved with specially designed scissors. With the effort of many designers and organizations the craft has been given renewed consequences. With the innovative directions the craft has been intelligently crafted by many into utilities like lighting fixtures, candle holders, lamp shades, screens etc.

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